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Medical / Hospital / Dental Malpractice
The Law Offices of David J. Weiss has an experienced team of medical malpractice defense attorneys who represent physicians, dentists, hospitals, nursing homes and other health care professionals. Our firm has successfully defended countless medical malpractice claims and obtained defense verdicts. We work with individual physicians as well as risk managers and hospital administrators to minimize exposure. This includes reviewing policies and procedures, conducting risk management seminars, and professional in-service sessions.

Our firm understands that being named as a defendant in a case of alleged medical or dental negligence is a stressful event for any health care provider and our attorneys work to minimize that burden by ensuring that our clients are fully informed about the progress of the case, that their questions are promptly answered, and if they are required to testify, that they are fully prepared and comfortable with the process. It is our philosophy to vigorously and aggressively defend all non-meritorious claims. Equally important is our early identification of claims that may expose our clients to liability and our ability to determine the extent of that exposure and, when appropriate, using arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution to minimize such exposure and resolve lawsuits short of an actual trial.
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